We plan and manage acquisitions and capital arrangements to benefit business owners

Oragon Partners offers a wide range of consulting services in acquisitions and finances to small and medium-sized enterprises. We provide our clients with tailored expert solutions for planning and managing acquisitions and capital arrangements. Our mission is to increase our clients’ equity value.


Oragon Partners offers consulting services in acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and divisions. Our operations are focused on small and medium-sized reorganisations which allows to us to either carry the total liability of the project or to provide consulting services in a certain area. In business acquisitions, our goal is to find a solution that promotes the financial and strategic interests of our client and their shareholders. Our services cover the following areas:

Project planning ° Evaluating the financial and strategic impact of different alternatives ° Determining the value of a company or a business operation ° Producing the information needed to make a decision ° Negotiating with the other party in acquisitions ° Closing the deal ° Financing ° Other property arrangements



What is company value ?

The value of a company or an enterprise is made up of multiple factors. The value is affected by the company’s performance, balance sheet structure, market and competitive positions, as well as future expectations. Determining the value of a company or an enterprise is a central part of our service portfolio. In addition to our partners, we also use experienced industry consultants to value companies.

When is the right to time sell or acquire a business ?

Acquisitions are dictated by the law of supply and demand. In addition to the economic background , business sales and acquisitions are affected by industry trends, growth prospects and industry concentration. Timing and tactics are the key factors determining the value of the deal. Our experts are here to help shareholders and board members to plan and manage acquisitions in order to achieve the best possible result.

How do I maximise the value of an acquisition or a business ?

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a business operation can be revealed by properly conducted analyses of the company and its financial statements. We seek to offer business executives and stakeholders concrete solutions for improving business operations and capital structures in the face of new challenges.

What financing options do I have ?

New investments and strengthening the balance or net working capital often require either equity financing or borrowed funds. One alternative is expanding the ownership base or liquidating balance sheet items peripheral to the core business. No matter how big or small a company’s need for financing is, we will find the best solution to benefit the business owners.


Oragon Partners offers consulting services in all the arrangements associated with strengthening finances and capital structures. We offer complete expertise in planning and managing share issues or external financing. We also arrange private placement transactions to expand ownership or capital bases. Our services cover the following areas:

Planning share issues ° Valuations ° Documentation ° Mapping potential investors ° Negotiating with investors ° Closing



We offer company executives and/or owners practical solutions and strategies for optimising capital structures, reorganising business operations or developing business strategies. Our consultants are supported by successful entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors. We also plan incentive schemes for management and employees.



Oragon Partners is an independent financial services company based in Finland. We offer a wide range of consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises in acquisitions and capital arrangements. We help companies expand their ownership and capital bases and transfer the business to the next generation. Together with our partners, we also offer our clients consulting in business legislation and taxing.

Our client relations are characterised by strong mutual trust and the drive to help our clients achieve the greatest possible financial benefits through company reorganisation, without neglecting responsible and ethical business practices.


Our partners have over 60 years’ experience in a range of acquisitions and property, financing and private placement arrangements. We have vast experience, for example, in the industrial, service and software sectors, but we can pair this with our expertise in managing company reorganisations for health care service providers.

In addition to our partners, our vast network of experts includes industry analysts and consultants with a successful background as entrepreneurs. Our versatile know-how and comprehensive network of experts help our clients achieve growth and success.


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